Through Life Support

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25th February 2016

Through Life Support

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group is the leading provider of in service support in the air, on land and at sea.

The most advanced equipment and capabilities in the world can become ineffective without the appropriate in service support solution. Every programme has its own unique context of operational deployment, logistics supply, maintenance environment and commercial considerations. Land Systems, part of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, provide support solutions designed on a case by case basis. Common to all is the objective of enabling you to achieve and sustain maximum capability, system availability and cost effectiveness throughout the life of the equipment.

We offer you expert engineering support, comprehensive through life capability management (TLCM) and agile operational support. This includes a full range of post design services, configuration control, safety cases, asset and whole fleet management, spares, obsolescence, repairs and maintenance, training and mid-life upgrades with a suite of contracting options including contracting for availability.

To address the future of operational support programmes in the UK we have teamed with G3 Systems to create Team M3; this combines the capabilities and resources of both organisations to deliver support expertise in infrastructure solutions.

As OEMs and Design Authorities, both companies have decades of experience in providing deployable shelter based systems for the vast majority of the UK MOD’s requirements and for many other defence forces. These systems include C4ISTAR facilities, containerised CT scanners, forensic systems, ground control stations, UAV transport, staff working environment workshops, latrines, catering and accommodation.