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12th May 2016


Protecting Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams in hostile areas where the threat of insurgents using land mines and RPGs is high, was behind the thinking of the Irish Defence Forces decision to purchase armoured MAN HX 60 4×4 armoured vehicles fitted with Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group’s armoured shelters.
Armoured Vehicle

Protecting the EOD Team

Working as part of the various UN missions operating in the Middle East, the EOD teams deploy in their armoured vehicles as part of route clearance operations or to handle unexploded ordnance found by the UN forces operating in the area. The shelters supplied by Marshall provide a protected environment from where the EOD team operate. They are laid out to maximise storage space for all the equipment needed by the team, such as the explosive disposal officer’s bomb suit, x-ray system and forensic sample collection equipment and to give the team space to work in safety. Also housed inside the shelter for transport, when not being used, is the team’s robot.
Armoured Vehicle


During the design phase for the shelters Marshall built in a remote operating station for the robot, from where the operator can control the vehicle safely and where the explosives officer can examine the suspect object from a point of safety before needing to move out on foot. Whilst designing the shelters Marshall called upon its automotive and electrical engineering skills, requirements capture abilities and ILS knowledge, to design a solution which was not only fit-for-purpose, but also provided a good, air conditioned working environment.

The vehicles are equipped with an integral tail-lift for deployment and recovery of the EOD robot and a standalone generator to provide integral power so the vehicle can operate autonomously.
Armoured Vehicle

“Teams Happy”

“The teams are happy with the vehicles and shelters as they know they provide the protection that facilitates deploying in an environment where effective EOD and route clearing operations would be extremely difficult if not prohibitive without the support of the MAN HX60 and Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group Armoured Shelter combination,” commented a spokesperson for the Irish Defence Forces.
armoured vehicle

Design, Manufacturing, Integration and Support

Marshall has a history of providing vehicle solutions whether fitting armoured shelters, designing and fitting geo-intelligence units or providing a variety of military support vehicle load bed solutions. Common to all these is Marshall’s design, manufacturing, integration and support capabilities across all markets that it serves.