Test Services

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Test Services

Test Services is an agile integrated and collaborative compliance support service, providing development, verification and certification by test and acquisition of data. Test Services reduce project risk by providing test capability throughout the project lifecycle, including early development testing.

Delivering projects with bespoke solutions, test knowledge, test management and essential reactive test execution, whilst providing overall test governance from bid to delivery and final reporting.

We are an independent accredited test facility to UKAS ISO 17025 for mechanical, environmental and corrosion testing. Located in a purpose-built test hangar offering dedicated test capability, including supporting infrastructure and equipment.

We have more than 40 years’ experience of Structural Testing, ranging from multi-channel full scale testing to single component and material testing. We have extensive knowledge of Flight Test Instrumentation and have supported multiple-platform flight test campaigns.

Test Centre

From concept to delivery, we push the boundaries to deliver bespoke, complex test solutions that make ambition a reality.

Test Definition and Management

Our requirements based definition approach enable us to extract the key information required to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

Working with our customer to define the test requirements so that we provide a detailed test solution in order to obtain optimum data and provide the most efficient solution for cost and delivery.

Rig Design and Manufacture

Our unique in-house expertise in rig design has been proven over many years on multiple complex solutions.

We have a strong supply chain that allows us to manage the fabrication of any rig with proven delivery.

Structural Testing

Leveraging on our proven experience in large structural testing, we offer full range of structural tests on a single and multi axis basis.

  • Dynamic
  • Static
  • Fatigue
  • Endurance

We design and manufacture custom-built rigs to perform fatigue and static tests on components, as well as full-scale specimins.

  • Coupon and material testing
  • Test re-location and re-commission
  • Design and manufacture support for new solutions
  • Instrumentation support


Environmental and corrosion

We provide our customers with the assurance that their system or product will be sustainable within the necessary operating environments, and therefore continue to perform at its maximum potential.

Our environmental tests cover:

  • Humidity cycling and conditioning
  • Temperature cycling
  • Salt corrosion to ASTM B117



With a wealth of experience in acquiring test data in both ground and flight test environments, we can provide bespoke instrumentation packages to project-specific requirements that allow us to react to changes through the project lifestyle. We have the technical expertise to capture the data you require.

  • Instrumentation packages (high and low count parameters)
  • Modular data acquisition solutions
  • Real time data visualisation
  • Data reduction to customer specific requirements
  • Inventory of instrumentation components and software
  • In-house calibration capability


Operational Loads Measurement (OLM)

By installing instrumentation and calibrating to the chosen platform, we help our customers to validate the fatigue monitoring process, understand the operational loading environment, identify causes of high fatigue damage and determine load reduction strategies for the chosen platform.

We provide design, installation, calibration, analysis and reporting, as well as in-service support of OLM systems on a variety of aircraft, ranging from UAVs and gliders to large transport aircraft.

Intergration Testing

We provide integration support on multiple platforms and systems offering a collaborative service.

Systems integration testing involves the overall testing of a complete system of multiple components or elements. The system under test may be composed with variations of hardware and software.

We work with you from any stage of the project providing bespoke integration test packages that ensure we assist in risk reduction prior to aircraft or platform installation to save time and cost.