Flight Test

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Civil and Military Flight Test and Evaluation

Marshall has a long history of successful aircraft Test and Evaluation (T&E) within the civil and military sectors.

We are focussed on delivering a wide range of flight test activities, along with rig and simulator support. We undertake civil tasks with non-military customers, including business jet and airliner operators. We have extensive experience in modern flight testing, including military and civil certification, aircraft handling qualities, performance, structures, avionics, systems and power-plant development.

Our flight test capability is versatile and able to conduct post-maintenance, development and certification flight test, as well as experimental programmes from our own airport.

The Team

Our Flight Test team comprises the following disciplines:

  • Experimental and Developmental Test Pilots
  • Flight Test Engineers
  • Flight Engineers
  • Flight Test Instrumentation Engineers
  • Flight Test Support Engineers
  • Design and Production Specialists
  • Air Load Masters

In support of the Flight Test team, we have in-house capability to provide specialist analysis, such as flutter or detailed mathematical model matching.

Test Programmes

We have successfully run and participated in a variety of major flight test programmes including:

  • RNLAF C-130H Hercules cockpit upgrade programme
  • AAF C-130K Hercules cockpit upgrade programme
  • Airbus A400M TP400 power-plant flying test bed
  • Airbus and Boeing auxiliary tanks
  • Special missions aircraft experimental, development and certification flight test
  • Belgian C-130H Hercules night vision compatibility upgrade
  • RAF C-130K Hercules enhanced vision system
  • RAF Tristar EGPWS
  • RAF Tristar fuel tank inerting gas storage module
  • RAF C-130J Hercules defensive aid suite
  • RAF Tristar Minimum Military Requirements glass cockpit upgrade
  • C-130 Hercules, Tristar and Sentry E-3D operational loads measurement systems
  • Australian RAAF C-130H Hercules engine instrument display system
  • Vulcan XH-588 ‘return to flight’ programme