Technical Training

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Technical Training

We offer worldwide, flexible and effective programmes for the aviation industry

Marshall Centre is a specialist provider of career and technical training to support many civil and military aircraft maintenance and operations. As a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation, we can provide training and conduct examinations at the Aircraft Maintenance License level and perform aircraft Type / Task Training for a broad range of aircraft types, including Lockheed L100/382 Hercules.

Marshall Centre has a broad portfolio of classroom and on-line courses, technical and ‘Soft Skill’, for both the civil and defence sectors. The courses are tailorable and can be made specific to customer aircraft configuration and aircraft concept of operations. The AeroAcademy campus is based in a facility with a full range of modern training aids; Although we can deliver training course from this facility within Cambridge, most courses are delivered at the customer’s location, provided they have the appropriate facilities.

Available training includes:

  • EASA Part 147 Approval
  • Aircraft type training (LM C-130 H, K, J and L-100/382)
  • Regulatory (EASA/MIL-Part145, M, 21, 147), Human Factors, Fuel Tank Safety, etc
  • Health & Safety and skills development
  • Professional development for technicians, engineers and managers
  • Accredited ‘Soft Skill’ development apprenticeships and short courses, including: Leadership, Management courses (CMI), Business Improvement Techniques (C&G), Project Management (APM)

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