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Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

Acting as an independent entity to ensure that the interpretation and incorporation of the airworthiness regulatory framework is adhered to and maintained, Marshall ensures the type certification airworthiness standard is maintained throughout the operational life of the aircraft. This includes providing appropriate information and tools to the operator, and establishing an information system for incident feedback, corrective and preventative action.

We provide Fleet Management services by the collection, analysis and input of aircraft usage data into a Fleet Management Database to forecast aircraft maintenance requirements for customers. This service also includes the evaluation of Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and other OEM technical documentation, production and amendment of the Aircraft Maintenance Programme, component configuration management, tracking of Life Limited Parts and carrying out Airworthiness Reviews. By using the data gathered we can also compile trend analysis reports in conjunction with Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) in order to make recommendations for reliability improvements as required. Informing the Supply Chain of rotatable component replacement requirements and managing Pre and Post Input meetings to ensure all maintenance requirements are correctly identified and then ensuring they have been carried out.

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