Secure Storage Shelters/Containers

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Secure Storage Shelters/Containers

We offer a number of tailored ISO secure containers ready for transport and storage of ammunition and explosives under controlled environmental conditions.

Customer configurations include:

  • Weapons storage
  • Weapons platforms and bespoke transportation racking
  • Ammunition & Explosive storage
  • Explosive Suppressant Foam Container

At the highest level this requires a container designed to a Category compliance under Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (OME) regulations. The design could include key features called out by the OME standards to address a number of critical hazards: security; fire safety; electrostatic; electromagnetic field; lightning, and electrical. The container is required to retain the explosives under controlled temperature and humidity in operational theatres. The container is internally covered with materials that are very resistant to high temperatures and humidity. Other considerations include cooling and humidification units, automatic fire-extinguishing systems, smoke detectors and acoustic / visual alarms. Transportation of munitions requires either fixed racking and shelves or suitable approved lashing mounts.