Medical, Forensic and Clean Accommodation Shelters/Containers

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Deployed Hospitals

We produce a range of high quality and sophisticated healthcare solutions for use in austere and challenging environments, resulting in the best possible patient outcomes. Integrated systems include power management, waste management, water and food provision and positive air pressure systems. We are experienced in designing and delivering Role 1, 2 and 3 mobile field hospitals that provide care in the best possible clinical conditions from the point of injury to the patient’s arrival at a major trauma facility.

CT Scanner

Incorporating the latest technologies in a patented world-leading deployable system developed with Philips Healthcare to unique tolerances in terms of vibration and cooling, that takes just 8 hours to set up. The layout of our deployable CT Scanner solution has been designed to provide a ruggedised solution with patented shock and vibration mounting to withstand all modes of transportation. It can achieve rapid deployment in both field and disaster relief conditions. The design is compliant with health care design standards and ergonomic for ease of operation and optimum patient throughput, with the addition of approved radiological screening to protect patient and staff.

Air Transportable Morgue and Medical Incinerator

We have teamed up with industry leading specialists in the fields of Air Transportable Incinerator and Morgue facilities to provide our customers with a sustainable long term solution to meet their tailored in theatre needs.

When time is of the essence, it is critical that end users are able to access rapidly deployable, scalable products that are both lightweight and robust enough to meet the most stringent of demands.

Our deployable incinerators enable the efficient and complete disposal of medical grade waste while our modular mortuary provision meets all required standards for a period on 72 hours storage.

Forensics / DNA / Clean Accommodation

We manufacture award-winning, clean room module environments, certifiable to ISO 17025 and suitable for DNA analysis. Many operational features have been incorporated into the core design, including modularity and flexibility, rapid deployability, ruggedised, external maintenance points to permit uninterrupted clean room operation that can be transported by land, sea and air with minimal logistic footprint. The internal design has been developed to provide enhanced environmental control and improved workflow.