Structural Refurbishment

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Structural Refurbishment

Marshall was the world’s first fully OEM-approved Hercules Service Centre (HSC) for C-130 B-H, and the first Heavy Maintenance Centre (HMC) for C-130J. Unrivalled in deep structure replacement for C-130 aircraft, Marshall is able to provide a full-service support offering to extend life and ensure crew safety.

The world-leading maintenance and modifications we carry out will:

  • Monitor and extend aircraft safe life
  • Ensure structural integrity is maintained
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Improve aircraft fleet ability

What we do

We can undertake various structural refurbishment programmes:

  • Inner and outer wing rainbow fitting replacements (with improved precision Taper Loc fastener installation)
  • Known fatigue and cracking repairs
  • Flight deck window doubler modifications
  • Engine truss mount repair and replacement – including force-mate bushing installation
  • MLG beam, sloping longeron (FS737-FS1041), fuselage beam caps and belly skin replacements
  • Centre wing drag angle, chine angle and chine plate repair and replacement