Lightweight Armour Solution

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Marshall Lightweight Armour Solution

As the requirement for aircraft to operate within hostile and combat environments increases, there is a growing need to provide lightweight ballistic protection for aircrew to ensure survivability and mission success without compromising operational capability.

The enhanced threat from light ground-to-air small arms fire is proving to be the greatest challenge for many operators deployed within these zones, making the protection of flight crew and critical aircraft systems vital to mission effectiveness.

Building upon the proven and trusted brand of LAST Armor®, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group has partnered with QinetiQ to certify and deliver LAST Armor LWA, the lightest version of LAST Armor currently on the market.

This exclusive agreement with QinetiQ enables Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group to market, sell and install the latest generation of lightweight armour on the C-130 Hercules platform.

As the longest-serving Hercules Service Centre for Legacy C-130 models and Heavy Maintenance Centre for the C-130J model, our partnership with QinetiQ reinforces Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group’s purpose of protecting people in critical situations.

Why Choose LAST Armor LWA

At approximately half the weight of the original Last Armor solution, the new Lightweight Armor (LWA) meets the same ballistic specification, while providing greater multi-hit protection. The vast reduction in weight also supports greater operational capability and improved fuel efficiency.

LAST Armor LWA is manufactured from high tenacity polyethylene, making it extremely robust, which combined with a durable non-slip covering, enables the armour to withstand the most challenging of operational environments.

Using the same reliable hook and loop attachment system from the original LAST Armor solution, the lightweight armour panels can be quickly and easily installed by the flight crew, ensuring minimum aircraft downtime and maximum aircraft availability. Installation of all permanent fixtures and fittings to the aircraft can be completed within two days during routine maintenance or as a standalone activity.

Product Features

Extremely Lightweight More than 50% lighter than the existing LAST Armor solution, weighing approximately 330kg (726lb) on the C-130J.
Durable and Robust Designed to handle the harshest of C-130 operational environments without degradation. The armour is environmentally inert and is not susceptible to becoming brittle over time.
Proven Attachment Method Using the same reliable hook and loop attachment system from the original LAST Armor solution, the lightweight armour is secured in place using a combination of the ballistic cover and a liner material for unsurpassed performance.
Non-Slip Fire retardant ballistic covers have a raised coin pattern for increased traction and durability. These covers have an enhanced abrasion and stain resistance, allowing easier maintenance and cleaning.
Removable Truly role-fit. A tool free installation by flight crew minimises aircraft downtime and maximises aircraft availability.
Protection Meets the same ballistic specification as the original LAST Armor, while providing improved multi-hit protection.
Repairable The modular design enables damaged panels to be easily replaced in the field without having to replace the entire protection system.
Interchangeable Armour kits can be interchangeable between aircraft of the same configuration.
Adaptable The armour can be tailored and installed in a multitude of locations on the aircraft as modular or permanent fit.
Storage The supplied storage container is extremely durable and protects the armour panels when not in use, thereby maximising the service life of the armour.

Values and Benefits

  • Provides lifesaving protection to aircrew.
  • Provides mission critical protection to flight deck avionic equipment.
  • Increases crew confidence for operations conducted in combat/hostile environments.
  • Provides an increased probability of mission success.
  • Minimal impact on aircraft’s centre of gravity.
  • Minimal impact on aircraft’s fuel burn.
  • No impact on aircraft’s cargo carrying capability (130H/J-30).
  • Robust and durable with a service life of 10+ years.
  • Reduced aircraft downtime during removal and installation, ensuring optimum aircraft availability.
  • Endorsed by 25 years of aircraft armour protection pedigree and supported by more than 50 years of C-130 maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification experience.