Cabin Safety Improvement Modifications

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Cabin Safety Improvement Modifications

Cabin Safety Improvement Modifications to introduce CS25 compliant safety features for passengers in the cargo bay of C-130.

Working collaboratively with C-130 operators to understand their different requirements in support of how the aircraft is flown, Marshall has designed and certified many safety improvement, operational and comfort modifications to the C-130 aircraft.

Safety Improvements

  • Smoke detection system
  • Interior lighting system
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Fasten seat belt signs
  • Emergency exit markings
  • First aid kit
  • Paratroop door area structural modification
  • Additional placards

Operational and comfort enhancements

  • Installation of 230 VAC/50 Hz outlets
  • Installation of Loadmaster seats
  • Loadmaster provisions
  • Cargo ramp area stowage
  • Forward area stowage litter
  • Full face oxygen masks
  • Urinal curtains