Our innovative UAV solution

The most notable developments in UAV airframe structures is the use of multifunctional materials. Like most other next-generation aircraft, UAVs will require low-cost, lightweight materials.

Identifying the best material required for the task at hand

The design of aircraft structure considers interactions among many complex processes, including material selection, fabrication, assembly, operations and maintenance. The primary material parameters that affect a structural design are strength and stiffness, which are traditionally made from common structural metals.

Our extensive knowledge and experience of composite processing coupled with our IP on material characterisation databases, makes us your partner of choice.

Our production facilities ensure cost-effective solutions

Producing a product equipped for the mission

Fully approved design and prototype under EASA Part 21G and 21J

With our team of experts, we have developed a reputation for a proactive and dynamic approach to the full design, processing and prototyping of airframes for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Through the use of out-of-autoclave prepreg materials and CNC-machined, low-cost tooling, we ensure a cost-effective solution to airframe development in short timescales. Fully approved under EASA Part 21G and 21J, we take concept to prototype in under 10 months in readiness for certification.

With our ability to bring together a team of specialist for airframe design, process, manufacture and test, all supported by dedicated project managers, we provide a single point of contact for UAV airframe programmes. We also manage smaller projects, such as sub-assemblies, to the same exacting standards as more complex, complete airframe development programmes.

From design to delivery, our expertise produces operational results

Our out-of-autoclave materials received recognition from BAE Systems and the Royal Aeronautical Society

Working closely with our customers, we have developed a number of UAV airframes to a range of specifications. The Herti airframe was designed, manufactured and tested for BAE Systems in just seven months with an airframe structure fully approved to EASA standards. The Mantis programme included the manufacture of a 24-metre-long carbon wing featuring detachable wingtips, empennage and control surfaces, and the whole project was completed in just 10 months. The Raven UAV and its successor, Corax, were also prototyped in an incredibly short timescale, this is possible by using our out-of-autoclave materials to produce the airframe structure. Our work on these UAV programmes has been recognised through awards from BAE Systems and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Our understanding of the aerospace industry, coupled with our expertise in composite design, manufacture and test, ensures we bring valuable insight to every programme we undertake. We provide support at every stage and bring everything together into a single programme, completely managed by our team. This, combined with our flexible approach and proven speed to market, makes us the development specialists for new unmanned air vehicle platforms.


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