Breaking the barrier of special mission capability

With our long-standing experience providing complete aircraft modification and integrated support solutions we were tasked to meet an complex operational requirement.

In-house capability from concept and testing through to delivery

For this type of programme we were required to deliver the most advanced business-jet with an airborne special mission capability with truly field-leading capabilities, new to the platform. Green aircraft were completely stripped, extensively modified and delivered to the customer complete with civil and military certification including (EASA) design (Part 21J), manufacturing (Part 21G) and installation (Part 145).

Our certifications assure quality and safety to the highest standards throughout the life of a programme to our customer.

Delivering complex engineering solutions

Working in close collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer and mission system providers, we designed and delivered a range of extremely complex engineering solutions to convert standard civil certified aircraft to meet the operational requirement specified by the customer.

Major areas of effort include (but are not limited to):

  • Design and delivery of complex engineering solutions to significantly modify the exterior and interior of the aircraft;
  • Aircraft systems design and modification to allow the installation and integration of the Mission Systems;
  • Extensive ground and flight testing of the aircraft with the modified systems installation;
  • Design and delivery of a Civil and Military certification package through close liaison with the relevant airworthiness authorities;
  • Delivery of the aircraft with support capability in-country to the customer.

World-leading capability for modification of business jet aircraft

Future engineering solutions

From concept to delivery, we provided a bespoke, cutting edge solution to meet the customer’s exacting requirements. Through the development and enhancement of our unique specialised engineering capability, we can continue to meet complex specialised aircraft programmes anywhere in the world. With our in-house capability for test flights using our own ex-military test pilots, all future programmes can be delivered on site from our own facilities supported by our team of experts working collaboratively and innovatively to deliver the exact operational requirements for the customer.

Delivering unique programmes to enable aircraft to undertake special missions


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