Staying ahead of the curve

In the changing economic climate and with advances in aircraft technology, it is difficult to stay ahead of the curve and equipped for operation.

Delivering dynamic solutions

Aeropeople recognises the significant complexity of maintaining your own airworthiness management infrastructure and will always go above and beyond to ensure our customers have the right service for their business.

Delivering first class solutions to our customers

Delivering first class solutions to our customers

With over 10 years of experience operating with EASA and international approvals, we have mastered the skills to ensure the highest quality of service for our customers.

Working with our international accreditations, we currently provide bespoke services to an established worldwide customer base.

Our CAMO Part M services range:

  • Approved Maintenance Programme Production Audit Development and Amendment
  • Short term and long-term planning to include the production, issue and management of line and base maintenance work packs and task cards
  • Monitoring and Review of Airworthiness Directive/Service Bulletin Compliance
  • Reliability programme
  • Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) Recommendations
  • CAM for aircraft in storage – monitoring the storage program and issue of storage work packages
  • Aircraft Acquisitions and Lease Management
  • Aircraft Transition
  • Aircraft records inspections
  • Pre-purchase and pre-lease technical inspections
  • Aircraft consultancy services
  • Record keeping monitoring archive and control
  • OEM interface support

Keeping your aircraft airworthiness

Keeping your aircraft airworthiness

Our extensive experience, knowledge and our desire to continuously extend our scope allows us to provide a range of services that ensure your airworthiness is always controlled, managed and reviewed in the most safe and cost-effective way.


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