Going the distance

A new Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) was required to replace the US Navy’s existing and ageing P-3 Orion aircraft. The ability to fly longer and further was a critical requirement for the new platform and therefore, having identified the P-8 platform as the most suitable replacement, increasing the aircraft’s fuel capacity and efficiency became key.

Boeing P8 in flight

Applied technology

Not only did the fuel system need to meet stringent strength and safety standards, but also needed to be as lightweight as possible, leaving as much flexibility as possible for the integration of other critical equipment.

Using proprietary and pre-approved honeycomb technology that has been developed to meet the latest civil and military airworthiness regulations, we developed a complete auxiliary fuel tank system to meet the P-8 aircraft’s demanding needs.

We established an efficient assembly capability and high-quality international supply chain which has delivered more than 900 tanks to the P-8 programme with a 100% on time delivery record over the past six years.

Attention to detail is key

Satisfied customer

Our team of experts offer one of the fastest routes to certification of an auxiliary fuel system which utilises our experience and proven delivery record. Our focus is on providing all parts of the auxiliary fuel system and carrying out the necessary aircraft modification and system integration to meet the requirements. Our three Boeing supplier performance awards received in the last four years is testament to our unrivalled design, development, manufacture and installation of auxiliary fuel systems for defence, special missions and civil aircraft use. We continue to expand our fuel tank and system capabilities by exploring new materials and future technologies, so that we continue to offer world class leading products to our customers for the future.


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