About us

We develop and deliver world-leading applied engineering services and technology.

From our vastly experienced engineering teams to our aspiring new apprentices, our 1,700-strong team of talented and committed people is what really sets us apart.

Talk to anyone who is part of our ‘Marshall Family’ and their sense of pride will come shining through. That’s because we know that the work we do, day in-day out, is helping to protect people in critical situations.

We are equally proud of the contribution we make to the wider economy supporting over 4,000 additional jobs across the country through our supply chain which includes a high percentage of SME's located across nine UK regions.

Our Value to the UK economy

Setting the standard for agility, innovation and collaborative working in our industry

Whether you visit our Cambridge Head Office, our production facility in North Yorkshire or any of our international locations in Europe, Canada or UAE you will find the same shared sense of pride and purpose.

We believe that passion for doing a great job is what makes our business such a special place allowing us to innovate, evolve and grow in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

First to the future

Our independence is critical to our success, enabling us to move more quickly and decisively than many of our competitors.

We like to think that we are not just agile in our responsiveness, but also in our thinking, always prepared to work that little bit harder to find the right solution for the toughest of challenges.

That’s why we’ve built such an enviable reputation for saying yes to ground-breaking or complex projects that others may have shied away from, winning ourselves a very special place in the hearts of many of our customers and partners.

1912 - The Beta II

Our first involvement with aviation

1993 - Orbital Sciences Corporation

Lockheed L-1011 Tristar converted to carry the 18,000kgs Pegasus XL rocket

1996 - Boeing E-3D Sentry Airborne Early Warning aircraft

In service since 1977, soon to be replaced by the Boeing E-7 Wedgetail

2004 - Wing Fatigue Test Rigs

Our purpose built test facility officially opened

2008 - A400M Flying Test Bed

2011 - Slingsby Advanced Composites

2013 - Queen’s Award for Enterprise in innovation

2015 - Modular Role 3

Interactive timeline

Take a scroll through our timeline to find out about some of the amazing projects and milestones we’ve celebrated over the past 100 years, plenty to be proud of and even more to come …

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