Military Medical Solutions

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7th January 2016

Military Medicine

Making a Difference

Medical support to military and humanitarian operations has a unique profile. The subject is emotive, public and affects a nation’s willingness and ability to undertake such operations.

We understand this specialist nature and, importantly, the criticality of Military, Security or Disaster Relief Medical Support requirements, right from the initial point of injury and throughout the care chain to evacuation to the home base and eventual rehabilitation.

Deployable CT Scanner

Harnessing the extensive experience of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group alongside key specialised partners, our core capabilities reside in the understanding of requirements, management of complex programmes and technical integration of advanced, deployable medical systems.

Whether in the process of design, integration, management or global through life support, we undertake our activities with one objective in mind – to provide the means for clinicians to deliver the best possible patient outcomes from within a deployable medical system.

Redployable Field Hospital

Our medical treatment facilities can be either hard or soft skinned; the stretcher solutions designed for both armoured and high mobility vehicles; and our purpose designed aero medivac solutions enable re-rolling of an aircraft in under four hours.

We have proven experience of housing complex medical equipment in shelters, and our work on deployable CT Scanners has been recognised by the award of a Queen’s Award for Innovation.

Making a difference

Our solutions are proven and in service with defence forces across globe.