Integrated Operational Support (IOS)

Integrated Operational Support (IOS)

With shrinking budgets and increasing operational responsibilities, air forces around the globe are being pushed to streamline processes and improve the efficiency of their aircraft fleets wherever possible.

Saving costs, reducing risk

Our Integrated Operational Support programmes allow our customers to combine numerous individual short-term support contracts into a single, performance-based logistics solution that covers the maintenance, technical support, and inventory management of their whole aircraft fleet. This reduces risk, reduces cost and improves efficiency and aircraft availability.

We act as contract prime and work with the most suitable partners and OEMs to move much of the risk and responsibility away from your organisation. We have been supporting the UK MoD’s C-130 fleet under the Hercules Integrated Operational Support programme since 2006, in conjunction with Lockheed Martin and Rolls-Royce, delivering cost savings of over £170 million and ensuring continued support to maximise aircraft availability.

With years of experience in providing this kind of support to the UK MoD on both the C-130 Hercules and L-1011 Tristar platforms, we have developed unrivalled expertise in ensuring our IOS solutions allow our customers’ fleets to perform to the best of their ability.

Customer-defined service

The IOS concept is scalable and can range from specific services to a fully-outsourced option, as complete or as inclusive as needed. We work closely with our customers to review their requirements objectively and provide a unique solution, tailored to their bespoke specification. We harness our expertise to make recommendations and design a specific operational support framework based on the desired outputs within a defined and controlled budget.

We offer proactive, well-managed support in the following areas:

  • Maintenance – Depot, Organisational and Intermediate (O&I)-level maintenance, on time and on budget, always looking to maximise fleet availability
  • Technical support – including rapid response for aircraft in any AOG situation, configuration control, risk analysis, spares planning and sourcing, technical publications
  • Inventory Management – supply chain management and purchasing support
  • Fleet planning – engineering fleet management services
  • Operations and Training
  • Upgrades and modifications – carried out in conjunction with maintenance in order to maximise the productivity of aircraft downtime

Measuring success

All performance-based contracts need key performance indicators (KPIs) in order that the required level of output is measured and seen to be achieved. At a workstream level, these can include the achievement of agreed dates for specific activities such as aircraft maintenance completion, technical advice delivery and the publication of technical documents. For spare parts, indicators such as percentage delivered from stock or within an agreed delivery window are frequently used. At an aircraft level, indicators can include measures of quality, mission success, availability and serviceability amongst others.

No one set of KPIs will be suitable for any given customer as each customer is unique and will have different drivers and differing views of what success means. For these reasons, we work closely with the customer to determine and agree which KPIs are most fit for purpose and will achieve the customer’s desired outcome.

Our customers value our IOS programmes as they can be tailored to their precise requirements, with a solution as comprehensive as they choose.