Hercules Integrated Operational Support (HIOS) – Publication Status

In order to comply with the MAP-01, Chap 8.1, Para 8.1.15, all publications listed below are sponsored by the C-130J Project Team for use on the Hercules C-130J aircraft.

Any queries please contact C130J 8e1 01223 399354.

Hercules C-130J Publication Amendment Status

21 November 2018

Publication Number Amendment Number
AP101B-0700-3C/D AL26
DAP101B-0704/0705-V1 Issue 34.2
DAP101B-0704/0705-1Z AL 10
DAP101B-0704/0705-2 AL 21
DAP101B-0704/0705-2(R)1 AL 33
DAP101B-0704/0705-2(R)2 AL 23
DAP101B-0704/0705-2(R)2A AL 3
DAP101B-0704/0705-V3 Issue 34.2
DAP101B-0704/0705-5A1 AL 27
AP101B-0704/0705-5A2 AL 36
AP101B-0704/0705-5A3 AL 7
DAP101B-0704/0705-5A3A1 AL 7
AP101B-0704/0705-5A3A1 AL 7
AP101B-0704/0705-5A6 AL 5
AP101B-0704/0705-5B1 AL 8
AP101B-0704-5B1C AL 25
AP101B-0705-5B1C AL 26
AP101B-0704/0705-5B2B AL 7
AP101B-0704/0705-5B2C AL 6
AP101B-0704-5E AL 25
AP101B-0705-5E AL 26
AP101B-0704/0705-5F AL 7
AP101B-0704/0705-5G AL 25
DAP101B-0704/0705-5L Initial Issue
DAP101B-0704/0705-5N Initial Issue
DAP101B-0704/0705-5P Initial Issue
DAP101B-0704/0705-5Q Initial Issue
AP101B-0704/0705-5V AL 17
DAP101B-0704/0705-6 (UK Sup) AL 2
AP101B-0704-9 AL30
AP101B-0705-9 AL27
DAP101B-0704/0705-9A AL4
AP101B-0704/0705-10 AL31
AP101B-0704/0705-10A AL 10
AP101B-0704/0705-10AS-1 Jul-15
AP101B-0704/0705-11A AL13
AP101B-0704/0705-11C1 AL26
AP101B-0704/0705-11D AL6
DAP105B-0228-13 AL2
DAP105B-03154-13 AL2
DAP105D-0701-13 AL2
DAP105E-0516-1235F Final Amendment
DAP105E-0700-0 Initial Issue
DAP105E-0703-0 AL2
DAP105F-0917-13 AL4
DAP106E-0700-12356 AL5
DAP107E-0126-13A6 AL2
DAP107E-0127-1 AL2
DAP107E-0425-1236 AL2
DAP108E-0424-12 AL2
DAP108E-0428-123 AL2
AP112B-0118-8 AL2
DAP113B-0149-136 AL2
DAP119F-0625-125 AL2
DAP119F-02114-125 AL2
DAP119K-0637-125 AL2
DAP119K-0717-5F AL2
DAP119K-0823-1235 AL2
DAP101A-0601-1 4th Edition
DAP101B-0704/0705-HMET Version 1.25
AP101B-0704/0705-5M Amendment Status available on Aircrew Publications Amendment Status (APAS) Military Civilian
AP101B-0704/0705-15D 01-Dec-00
AP101B-0704/0705-15S AL1
AP101B-0704-16A1 Amendment Status available on Aircrew Publications Amendment Status (APAS) Military Civilian
AP101B-0704-16F (4th Edition)
AP101B-0705-16F (3rd Edition)