Special Missions Vehicles


The continued danger posed by the spread of terrorism and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) demands security and defence force vehicles that are specially adapted to survive and counter this threat. These can include Counter-IED, Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Electronic Counter Measures vehicles, together with specialist surveillance and mobile command and control facilities. Often these solutions will need to be covert, adding to the complexity of the requirement.

Marshall has a long history of developing complex vehicle solutions and integrating them onto a wide range of vehicle chassis, from light vehicles through to heavyweight armoured fighting vehicles.

Amongst the solutions that the company has been involved with are:

  • An EOD solution fitted to an RMMV MAN truck
  • CBRN systems
  • Upgrading Fire Service vehicles for a complex command and control (C2) requirement
  • Communications systems for a covert vehicle

We pride ourselves on being vehicle-neutral and on our ability to integrate and fit complex solutions to a wide variety of platforms. Working in close co-operation with the user and a range of manufacturers, we ensure that we provide a solution which is fit for purpose. We focus on customer satisfaction and harness our proven project management skills to ensure delivery on time, on cost and to specification.

The projects we undertake are wide-ranging and include:

  • Special mission equipment integration
  • Electrical system integration
  • Vehicle power distribution
  • Vehicle power management
  • Radar and sensor positioning and stabilisation systems
  • Ruggedised COTs systems
  • Communication systems with VHF and HF Radios
  • Integration of command and control (C2) systems
  • Internal workspace integration

We combine our extensive systems integration capabilities with our in-depth knowledge of power requirements and management, environmental control systems, ruggedisation of COTs systems for mobile applications and C2 systems capability to produce and deliver high-specification, military, ruggedised special mission systems for mobile applications.

Marshall recognises the importance of keeping both user and equipment in the best condition possible, so our solutions are designed with the comfort and safety of the user and the protection of equipment as the utmost priority.

All of our special mission vehicle systems are supplied with comprehensive support, including training packages with training needs analysis, as well as contractor support when deployed on operations, if required.

Marshall and RMMV Man Truck and Bus have supplied fully-integrated, armoured EOD vehicles, complete with tail lift, EOD robot control stations and battery charging facilities.