Medical Systems

Medical Systems

Medical support to military and humanitarian operations has a unique profile. The subject is emotive, public and affects a nation’s willingness and ability to undertake such operations.

We understand the specialist and critical nature of military, security or disaster medical support requirements, right from the initial point of injury and throughout the care chain to evacuation to the home base and eventual rehabilitation. Harnessing our extensive experience alongside that of key specialised partners, we strive to deliver first-class deployable systems that replicate as closely as possible the facilities available to patients in conventional hospitals.

Our core capabilities reside in the understanding of requirements, programme management and technical integration of complex, deployable medical systems. Whether in the process of design, integration, management or global through-life support, we undertake our activities with one objective in mind – to provide the means for clinicians to deliver the best possible patient outcomes from within a deployable medical system.

We have developed a series of technologies across the critical care spectrum, ranging from stretcher systems through to full Role 3 field hospitals, equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment such as CT scanners, and deployable medical laboratories. Our solutions are fully integrated and can be shelter- or tent-based, or a combination, depending on the user’s precise requirements.

Marshall medical systems are in operation with a number of national defence medical services, including those of the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • Sweden

Flexible and scalable

Medical Systems

At Marshall we recognise that the scale and nature of medical support requirements vary depending on mission size, intensity and the relative threat to operations.

Through the effective understanding and capture of customer requirements, we are able to offer scalability within the deployable medical treatment facilities we provide. Our end-to-end modular approach allows our customers inherent flexibility to provide medical support to the most appropriate level and location.

Our mobile field hospitals satisfy the following Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) requirements:

  • Role 1 MTFs ensure effective first aid, triage, resuscitation and stabilisation for onward casualty evacuation. They also provide a facility for the delivery of primary health care
  • Role 2 Enhanced (E) MTFs provide a secondary care facility to deliver primary surgery, intensive surgical and medical care and beds with nursing support, enabling stabilisation of post-surgical cases prior to evacuation to Role 3 or 4 facilities
  • Role 3 MTFs offer theatre of operations capability encompassing primary and specialist surgery, advanced and specialist diagnostic capabilities including CT scanning and X-ray, through to major medical nursing specialties

They can be:

  • Large or small, simple or complex
  • Based on tents or expandable ISO shelters, or a combination, or a novel hybrid solution where the tented structure is contained within the ISO shelter during transportation
  • Supplied with supporting infrastructure, including staff accommodation, ablutions, kitchens, power and water supply systems
  • Equipped with full CBRN protection and decontamination capabilities

All of our systems are built to comply to national and international standards and replicate the facilities found in conventional hospitals, even when deployed in the most austere and challenging of environments.

Deployable Medical Laboratory Systems

The spread of sickness, infection and disease poses significant risk in both military and humanitarian relief operations. We have responded to this risk with highly-capable medical laboratories that deliver consistent and reliable results.

Our deployable medical laboratory systems provide mobile blood testing, pharmacology and pathology laboratory facilities with applications across the military and humanitarian medical arena. They complement our scientific research and forensic shelters, for which we won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2013 in the Innovation category. Read more about our deployable forensic laboratory systems here.