C4ISR Systems


The effects of C4ISR (Command, Control Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) are potentially game-changing in the defence and security arena. Mobile C4ISR capability makes the asset even more valuable as it enables the commander to have the technology close to the task.

Marshall has extensive experience of designing, integrating and delivering C4ISR vehicles and shelters. Working in partnership with suppliers and prime contractors, we have developed systems to a range of specifications, which are in service all over the world.

Our previous projects include:

  • Air defence systems
  • Geospatial Intelligence mobile work rooms
  • Staff working environments
  • Radio broadcast control stations
  • Ground control stations

Our C4ISR mobile and deployable systems are designed and manufactured to survive operations whilst deployed in hostile environments. They are highly-mobile, quickly-deployable, autonomous and well-protected, ruggedised systems that allow user to net the centric warfare environment.

We install and integrate a range of equipment into our C4ISR shelters and vehicles, including:

  • Electrical / Electronic equipment
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Customer equipment
  • Specialist antennas and masts
  • Vehicle power distribution and management
  • Ruggedised COTS systems
  • Communication systems with VHF and HF Radios
  • Command and Control (C2) systems
  • Internal workspaces to provide a comfortable working environment
  • Environmental control systems to provide a comfortable working environment whilst deployed in extreme temperature ranges
  • Internal lighting to meet different requirements, ranging from blackout conditions to avoidance of glare on the display screens

As well as the installation and integration of this equipment, Marshall also has the experience and capability to:

  • Design an ergonomic working layout that meets both Defence Standards (Def Stan) and Military Standards (Mil Stan)
  • Generate and manage safety cases for the system
  • Undertake mobility and climatic trials to ensure that the systems meet the relevant Def and Mil Standards
  • Manage and carry out testing including Proof Load testing, EMC and TEMPEST

We focus on customer satisfaction and harness our proven project management skills to ensure delivery on time, on cost and to specification. We also recognise that keeping both user and equipment in the best condition possible, especially during long operating hours, is of the utmost importance. Our solutions are therefore designed to prioritise the comfort and safety of the user and the protection of equipment, to ensure our customers get the best value for money from our solution.

All of our C4ISR systems are supplied with comprehensive support, including training packages with training needs analysis, as well as in-service contractor support when deployed on operations, if required.


Marshall provided the ground control station for the ASTOR airborne radar system.