A message from our CEO

When we did the work to define our organisational purpose ‘to protect people in critical situations’ early in 2019, we could not possibly have imagined quite how relevant it would become.

The Covid-19 pandemic has really served to underline the criticality of the work we do for our customers and proved once again our ability to rise to even the toughest of challenges.

I couldn’t be more delighted by the way the team has stepped up when we have been really needed over the past few months, helping write a whole new chapter in our illustrious history.

We often get accused of being too modest but that doesn’t mean we don’t share a huge sense of pride in our achievements, past and present, because when lives, nation and progress are at risk, we can’t and won’t let people down.

Alistair McPhee
CEO, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group

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Proud to Fly the Flag

We are incredibly proud of the contribution that our teams across the globe are making every single day, whether that’s within our own business, on behalf of our customers or out in the wider community.

We look forward to showcasing some of their achievements over the months ahead and are starting with our Canadian Chief Engineer Ron Eckersley who spends his spare time literally ‘protecting people in critical situations’ by volunteering for the Chilliwack Search and Rescue Service.

Despite the closure of the country’s stunning Provincial Parks, the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped plenty of bikers and hikers needing to call on the support of Ron and his colleagues on the service.

Ron, who has been a volunteer for the past 10 years explains:

“Naturally we are having to make changes to the way in which we respond to calls for help, to ensure we adhere as much as possible to social distancing guidelines, one recent rescue mission involved 20 searchers all travelling in separate vehicles but the main thing is that we are able continue to provide what is a vital service for our local community during these challenging times.”