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When you need to have a stretch

16 September 2020There aren’t many companies that have the capability to stretch an aircraft but that’s exactly what Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group did…


A tip top career in testing

09 September 2020Gary Lindsay started with Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group more than 40 years ago and has seen his career take off to ever greater…


Fuelling a change for the better

01 September 2020Air-to-air refuelling is a capability that many C-130 operators take for granted, perhaps without realising how it initially came about. It…


National Composites Week 2020

26 August 2020Two things make our composites business cutting edge and world-leading – firstly the way our people think outside of the box, and secondly h…


All hail decades of experience and know-how

25 August 2020It takes much more than dramatic weather to put a C-130 out of action. Lockheed Martin C-130s are robust, sturdy aircraft, that have proved…


C-130s have the human touch

19 August 2020C-130s have been coming to our rescue almost since the day they were launched. They’ve evacuated people out of challenging situations, d…


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