Marshall take on the Royal British Legion’s Castaway Survival Challenge

Marshall take on the Royal British Legion’s Castaway Survival Challenge

Marshall’s Technical Administrator, Anna Brimsted has decided to take a walk on the wild side by signing up to the Royal British Legion’s Castaway Survival Challenge next month. This gruelling, five day survival challenge will take Anna out of her comfort zone by removing modern day comfort, technology and all of life’s little luxuries that we all take for granted.

Anna said:

“With just a little rucksack on my back, my fellow castaways and I are being sent to a mystery beach or woodland location just off the south coast of England. We’ll be driving our boats to the secret location on our first day, before taking part in a variety of activities such as natural shelter building, bush-craft and survival skills, all while getting stuck into some fun challenges in there too.”

It sounds tough and gruelling, but by taking part in this challenge, Anna will be raising money for the Royal British Legion (RBL), who offer lifelong support to veterans, service men/women and their families. Marshall is renowned as a large employer of ex-service men and women around the globe and has been a huge supporter of the work that the RBL has undertaken for many years.

Anna continued:

“I’m keen to take on this challenge and do my part in supporting the Royal British Legion’s hard work, especially after the past 18 months or so. Like so many other charities, they have found it incredibly difficult to raise money during the covid-19 pandemic,”

In case you're not familiar with the RBL’s work, it’s surprisingly varied, but most importantly they support the whole family of those affected by the impact of service life. They ensure the highest quality of care is given to those suffering from physical and mental issues, support them financially, help with independent living arrangements, care and employment all while helping the families that need time to reconnect.

If you’d like to support Anna and the Royal British Legion, you can donate by clicking the link below. Your donation will mean the RBL can ensure the best quality rehabilitation and support for all.

The Castaway challenge starts at 7pm on Friday 10 September evening at The Sandbanks Hotel in Dorset. The following morning, Anna will depart by boat to sail away to Castaway.