Hot topics for 2019

Hot topics for 2019

Our insights page has been setup to give the opportunity for the occasional discussion about matters affecting our industry. The pieces will be the author’s view but will of course reflect the Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group’s vision to set the standards for agility, innovation and collaborative working.

What are some of the potential hot topics for 2019?

Counter Drone

The last two weeks have seen two of the world’s largest airports shut down and it is highly likely we will see repeats elsewhere over the coming months. It will take agility, innovation and collaboration to solve this problem.

Power management and energy consumption

Defence forces around the world are using more and more power to operate ever more technical equipment. To reduce this demand they are seeking industry’s help to find solutions to power hunger. In the domestic environment we already see pressure to reduce power in our light bulbs, vacuum cleaners and large appliances such as fridges and washing machines, and lights which come on only when you walk into the room. All of the technology used in these can be applied in the military market. During 2019 we can expect to see some novel electronics and power saving capabilities.


Customers are searching for more cost-effective solutions in terms of finance, people and risk management. They want a service which ensures their assets operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness when they want them. Marshall has established a Managed Support Service which provides military customers with a pre-cradle to beyond the grave service “with a difference” (more to come in a separate Insight piece). All of this is part of the overriding requirement for defence forces to reduce cost of ownership.

Remote Medical

Field medicine could see some big moves not least in remote diagnostics giving patients many hundreds of miles away from the expert access to their skills. Maybe this will lead to remote operating as a standard practice.

Supply Chain Management

Perhaps not surprisingly, supply chain management will be a hot subject, get this right and you can operate a lean production system, cut costs and also increase efficiency and quality. The world is becoming smaller, hypothetically, and supply chains increasingly international, most nations do not operate in isolation.