Special Mission Aircraft

Special Mission Aircraft

Our Capabilities

We offer cost-effective conversions of turboprops and jets, from small business aircraft to large airliners, for special mission roles including; reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, communication relays, maritime patrol, search and rescue, border patrol, Medevac and command and control.

We are experts in the integration, modification, test and certification of special mission aircraft. Our experienced and dedicated teams have proven experience in aerodynamics and their performance implications, structural and system provisions, avionic integration, electromagnetic considerations and entry-into-service requirements. We can supply associated ground stations and provide support arrangements for the full life of the aircraft from spares, maintenance and obsolescence management through to training, crewing and flight operations.

Our Approach

We tailor every solution to meet our customers’ unique requirements and have extensive experience working with end users, aircraft operators, mission integration specialists, specialist equipment companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers, at every stage of design, procurement, manufacturing, modification, certification and support.

We deliver on our promises, crafting fit-for-purpose and innovative solutions to satisfy mission requirements. Our knowledge, skills and experience across many programmes give us a proven capability to deliver innovative engineering and support solutions for special mission aircraft.