Structural Refurbishment

Structural Refurbishment

Keeping aircraft in airworthy condition, and structurally sound, can often extend beyond routine maintenance, and sometimes calls for complete refurbishment of major components.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group has decades of experience in structural refurbishment, with specialist expertise on the C-130 Hercules platform. We were the world’s first fully OEM-approved C-130 B to H Service Centre, and are currently the first and only C-130J Heavy Maintenance Centre. Unrivalled in deep structural replacement for C-130 and TriStar aircraft, we offer the full spectrum of engineering capability to extend aircraft life and ensure crew safety.

Why choose Marshall?

With over 45 years’ experience and our own bespoke equipment to carry out major structural refurbishment projects, we occupy a leading position in the structural refurbishment market. Our high-quality craftsmanship across civil and military refurbishments is backed by state-of-the-art facilities.

The world-leading maintenance and modifications we carry out will:

  • Monitor and extend aircraft safe life
  • Ensure structural integrity is maintained
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Improve aircraft fleet ability

What we do

We take on a variety of structural refurbishment programmes, including:

  • Inner and outer wing rainbow fitting replacements (with improved precision Taper Loc fastener installation)
  • Known fatigue/cracking repairs
  • Flight deck window doubler modifications
  • Engine truss mount repair and replacement – including force-mate bushing installation
  • MLG Beam, sloping longeron (FS737-FS1041), fuselage beam caps and belly skin replacements
  • Centre wing drag angle, chine angle and chine plate repair and replacement