Self-Protection Systems

Self Protection Systems

Having supported many national air forces, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group has the expertise and support structure to provide systems that will protect our customers’ aircraft from the threat of guided missiles.

Military and state aircraft

Typically, military customers come to us for detection and protection against infra-red and radar-guided missiles. We work to deliver their pre-specified requirements, or we can also help our customers define the most appropriate solution to meet their risk profile.

VIP and civil aircraft

Infra-red guided missiles are a very real threat to non-military aircraft. Large numbers of Man Portable Air Defence System (MANPADS) weapons are thought to be in the hands of paramilitary and other groups.

We can provide protection systems for almost any aircraft, from small VIP aircraft right up to large airliners. The chosen self-protection systems can operate completely automatically using proven detection and decoy technology.


Marshall has extensive experience in installing various types of Self-Protection Systems to identify and counter threats to the safety of aircraft.

We have the end-to-end capability from design through to delivery and certification, reducing the time spent in installation and testing.

We have expertise in:

  • Installation design
  • Obscuration modelling
  • Trajectory modelling
  • Manufacturing and installation
  • Ground and flight testing
  • Military and civil certification