Medevac Conversions

Medevac Conversion

A Medevac conversion provides a cost-effective, fast and secure way to assist in repatriation exercises for injured personnel or civilians. The converted aircraft offers an efficient alternative to military transport aircraft, especially over longer distances, as well as a more comfortable cabin environment for casualties.

Our Medevac conversions use bespoke modular and flexible equipment. The solution can be fully fitted and operational within a matter of hours – providing medical crews with a fully-certified medical environment in a commercial aircraft cabin.

How it works

The Medevac equipment has been designed to be installed in a standard passenger aircraft cabin. Once the passenger seats are removed, the equipment is installed into the existing seat track. It also interfaces with standard passenger entertainment power outlets, requiring no permanent modifications to the cabin.

Installation is straightforward and can be carried out by Marshall or by the customer or end user. It typically takes four to six hours to complete the role change.

Benefits of the Commercial Role Change

There are a number of benefits including:

  • Cost – there’s no need to keep specialist and expensive Medevac aircraft on standby; our modification can be applied to a range of readily-available commercial platforms which can be leased locally
  • Economy – commercial aircraft are significantly more efficient to operate over long distances than military aircraft
  • Passenger welfare – commercial aircraft facilitate significantly better patient mortality rates owing to the sympathetic environment for passengers and medical crew supporting a better level of patient care

Flexible Configuration

Medevac cabins are modular and can be used in different configurations to suit different needs. They can be configured to accommodate up to 22 passengers in beds, and a further 15 seated in a typical narrow-body aircraft, such as the Boeing B737-700. There is even greater scope if using wide-body aircraft in mass transit scenarios.

Our suite of certified medical equipment such as respirators, defibrillators and various pumps, is also easy to install, and allows a similar flexibility in configuration.