Cargo Conversions

Cargo Conversion

Converting aircraft for freight can make real commercial sense, not least when looking to avoid increasingly stringent noise and pollution legislation for civil aircraft. Cargo conversion is also an option for manufacturers who produce freighter versions of civil aircraft for the military or civil markets.

Marshall is able to convert any size of aircraft, ranging from small private jets to wide-body airliners, into multi-use aircraft and has the expertise to do this without compromising the structural integrity.

The complete end-to-end conversion

Cargo Conversion

We have the ability to create or extend a cargo door, while ensuring the aircraft remains structurally sound. We then strengthen the floor in preparation for heavy cargo.

Part passenger, part cargo conversion

We are able to convert an aircraft for both cargo and passenger use by installing seats, lavatories and galleys onto pallets specifically designed to fit the cargo handling system.

In-house re-certification support

Through the required certification authority, we can re-certify your aircraft after it has been converted from military or civil to freight.