Avionic Upgrades

Avionic Upgrade

Civil and military aircraft are designed to provide several decades of reliable service. However, achieving such longevity depends not only on conducting routine maintenance, but also on overcoming avionics obsolescence issues, remaining compliant with emerging industry regulations and, in the defence world, keeping tactical capabilities current.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group is expert in the design, integration, installation, test and support of avionics upgrades, having upgraded the entire fleets of a number of operators, all managed in concert to ensure a timely return to service.

The process starts with fully appreciating and capturing the customer’s operational requirements and establishing the baseline for the aircraft to be modified. For instance, if the upgrade is to include the addition of a satellite communication system (SATCOM), then we will advise on the most suitable SATCOM system, based on the customer’s intended operations.

Our in-house, ex-military test pilots work alongside our engineers to evaluate the suitability and usability of all our upgrades. So our customers can be sure that every new or updated system has been approved and tested by those who truly understand its end use.

Upgrades to avionics and electrical systems include:

  • Flight Display Systems
  • Navigation Systems (including Flight Management Systems)
  • Radio Communication Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Digital Maps
  • Night Vision Imaging Systems (for flight deck, cargo bays and external lighting)
  • Aircraft Self-Protection Systems
  • Tactical Systems
  • Electronic Flight Bags
  • Electrical Generation Systems

In the military sector, many of our recent upgrades have been designed to permit aircraft to access heavily-regulated airspace. We have therefore designed and delivered solutions that are compliant with CNS/ATM regulations and include 8.33kHz VHF Communications, CPDLC, PRNAV, Mode S EHS, TCAS and EGPWS.

We are particularly renowned for applying avionics upgrades to the C-130 Hercules platform and we have even developed a bespoke electrical load analysis (ELA) software program, in order to be able to support a series of “what-if” scenarios aimed at evaluating the impact of the proposed avionics upgrade on the platform’s power architecture.

Through our Aviation Services division, we also recently completed an avionics upgrade with the installation of a Garmin G1000® full glass cockpit aboard a Beechcraft King Air 300 for a European operator. The G1000 avionics installation has become an appealing option for all King Air pilots seeking greater situational awareness and reduced pilot fatigue.

Our extensive experience in the development of avionic upgrade solutions can be applied to any platform in order to enhance the capabilities and extend the life of our customers’ aircraft.