We deliver tailored composite solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirement, however bespoke, complex or challenging.

From composite design, prototyping, manufacture and in-service support to test and certification, we do it all, end-to-end, start to finish.

There are few companies in our industry that have the breadth of capabilities to compare with Marshall.

Each of our processes is industry-standard, but it’s how we integrate them that is industry-leading.

When we say end-to-end and tailored to the specific needs of individual customers, we mean exactly that, so if you just need a bespoke, one off, then that’s what you’ll get, designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured and certified.

Our skilled and experienced people work in close collaboration and consultation with you to understand your unique composite manufacruring challenges and offer expert advice, based on decades of industry experience in defence composites.

There’s build-to-print and design-to-build solutions, all implemented to ensure you get the quality product your application requires.

Complexity and challenge is what we thrive on and we come into our own where others say it can’t be done, or that it’s always been done in a particular way. This helps us apply our expert engineering capabilities to a broad range of scenarios. That's what makes us one of the leading composite suppliers.

Our many years of expertise have helped us tailor our advanced composite manufacturing techniques to create anything from a bespoke designed one-off item to a line of customer-design products, using the latest composite materials.

We support both civil and military aerospace with a broad range of engineering solutions designed to maximise and enhance the capabilities of the platform, whether they be new build, upgrades or major modification.


Working to fit the brief

Flexibility is our watchword. By that we mean that what we do is governed by what you need, not by our processes or how we want to do it. It’s all about fitting our process into the results our customers are looking for. We work closely at every step of the way to understand what you need, whether it’s; Design and Qualification, Design for Manufacture, or Build to Print.

Design and Qualification

Our real expertise is in helping our customers convert concept into reality.

It starts with a set of requirements that our expert design engineers turn into a cost effective, workable solution whether it’s for a highly complex one-off component or a longer-term project, by generating an in-depth technical requirement statement (TRS) or a statement of work (SOW).

That then leads to a bespoke process that might include a detailed design, structural stress analysis and sub-system design followed by a lifecycle for developing the product.

We support at every step of the way with structural testing and verification, providing certificates and declarations of design performance, so we can all be confident that what we’re doing is fully meeting customer expectations.

We also identify what we are going to use in the manufacturing process, by undertaking supply chain identification and qualification.

That’s where dealing with a design authority really comes into its own – you have a seamless end-to-end relationship that results in a product that meets your unique specifications, whatever they might be.

Design for Manufacture

If you have a design for a great new product, perhaps using aerospace composites, but haven’t yet worked out how to get it over the finish line then you’ll want to get together with our design and production engineering experts who’ll advise how best to manufacture it. Because we're experts in aerospace composites and use our knowledge to stretch the possibilities.

They will come up with the optimal design for cost effective and repeatable serial production and guide you through a process that might include tolerancing, laminate construction and supply chain selection.

You are the design authority here but you have us beside you at every step of the way.

Build to Print

When you know exactly what you want and how you want it, but you need a proven manufacturer to get it done efficiently for you, then you’ll want to chat to us. We will work with you from your drawings to establish the production, tooling design and lean manufacture process set up before supplying you with a first article inspection report (AS9102).

We manage the supply chain, undertake the composite moulding, composite assembly and finishing, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, and combinations thereof, before completing the Factory Acceptance Testing.

Through Life Support

Our services and our relationship doesn’t stop there, as our knowledge and expertise means we are also well-placed to provide tailored through life support once your product is up and running.

We want to make sure what we’ve produced remains relevant and does what you want it to do for as long as possible, by providing spare parts, refurbishments, upgrades or modifications, we can undertake this work for you or deliver you what you need to do the job yourself.


C-130 Cockpit Trim Panel

Design and manufacture of bespoke lightweight fire retardant parts for an iconic platform.

Case Study

Missile Launch Canisters

Manufacture the Common Anti-Air Modular Missile (CAMM) Canisters for the next generation Sea Ceptor and Land Ceptor weapon systems.

Submarine Mast Fairings

Design and manufacture of hydrodynamic Fairings to protect submarine masts.

Mk8 Mod1 Naval Gunshield

Composite gunshield providing significant weight saving over metallic equivalent and also impressive protection to the gun in a harsh environment.

Test Centre

From concept to delivery, we push the boundaries to deliver bespoke, complex test solutions that make ambition a reality.

Fast Jet Pilot Helmets

Manufacture of the composite helmet shell to precision tolerances and mass to act not only as protection to the pilot but also to house the critical systems of helmet mounted display.

Special Mission Radomes

Complementing our depth of structural design capability, we undertake the RF design and modelling of radomes for our special mission customers.

Advanced Composites Facility Capabilities

We have invested in our facilities that ensure we can offer the flexibility of services and products that meet a myriad of needs, using a broad range of materials and manufacturing techniques.



Advanced Composites ac.enquiries@marshalladg.com +44 (0) 1751 432 474

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