Where integration meets inspiration

Harnessing our unique engineering expertise to deliver the art of the possible

Helping you solve the toughest of integration challenges using cutting edge technology with over a century of experience. From concept to delivery we push the boundaries to deliver bespoke, complex integrations that make ambition a reality.

Designed and manufactured over 7,000 shelters

Integrated and delivered over 1,700 aircraft modifications

Bringing simplicity to the complex

From designing and delivering pioneering special mission aircraft to life-saving ISO-containerised CT Scanner systems, we have a proven pedigree of being able to design, make and integrate physical and sub-system integration projects that deliver unique capabilities.

Simple is not always easy. It’s all about bringing simplicity to the complex, getting the right people together and being prepared to think differently. We can call on the thousands of years of knowledge, skills and experience amassed by our 1,700 people who are focussed on delivering for you.

Our expertise is in managing and driving collaboration up and down the supply chain, meaning we don’t need to shy away from the most demanding of programmes. We work tirelessly with our partners to work through complex engineering solutions that will deliver the capability you need.

Experience on working on 100 different aircraft type

Integrating design and technology for complex engineering solutions

Unrivalled expertise

We know it’s about more than just creative thinking and project management, it’s our ability to bring it all to life through our people at every level from our procurement, logistics, commercial and technical teams who are highly skilled and experienced in working on programmes impossible for others.

We have on land, for many years, designed and delivered thousands of highly specialised vehicles and shelter integrations for the UK Armed Forces and other organisations around the world. We work closely with the user to establish and agree the requirements ensuring that the end user gets what they need.

In the air, our track record speaks for itself, including avionic upgrades, extended airworthiness or increasing the relevance of legacy platforms. We work closely with leading OEMs such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier, who have worked with us for decades as we answer the real business challenges and drive innovative outcomes.

People come to us to deliver what some others dream to imagine.


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Managed Services

Support reimagined

When the mission is critical there are no second chances. That’s why we are right beside you every step of the way providing tailored in-life support packages that ensure your resources are available in the right place, at the right time, every time.

Assured agility

The future designed and delivered

We use the very latest in design approach, technology, materials and bespoke manufacturing to make your concepts a reality.

Innovation in action