Auxiliary fuel tanks for Bombardier Q400

16th July 2014

Bombardier Q400

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group and Bombardier Aerospace are developing an External Auxiliary Fuel System solution for the Bombardier *Q400* turboprop aircraft.

The solution, which will be available as an official Bombardier option, will provide up to an additional 10,000lb of fuel in two external pannier tanks allowing the aircraft to fulfil a whole range of missions requiring additional range and endurance, allowing this turboprop platform to be able to sustain operations of up to 12 hours*.

Marshall is responsible for the design, development, manufacture and test of the auxiliary fuel system.   Marshall has pioneered innovative fuel systems and tanks for the Boeing P8 and the Airbus A318E as well as special mission modifications and integrations.

Bombardier Q-400

Michel Bourgeois, President of Specialized and Amphibious Aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace, comments: “This is an exciting development for our Q400 aircraft and the civil certified auxiliary fuel system will add to its already extensive capabilities, satisfying new operational requirements.”

Steve Fitz-Gerald, CEO of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, adds. “We are thrilled to be working with Bombardier in delivering an innovative engineering solution, which will enhance the operational capabilities of the Q400 aircraft.”

Bombardier Q-400

*Bombardier and Q400 are registered trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.

*Under certain operating conditions

Image credit: Bombardier