Airborne Surveillance and Survey

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25th February 2016

airborne surveillance and survey

Modifications for Special Missions

Based in Broughton and Cambridge, our Design, Modification, Certification and Engineering teams transform new and used aircraft into fully integrated ISR and Special Missions capability platforms.

Our solutions are installed in the UK, with short lead times making them the most cost-effective patrol aircraft capability money can buy.

We specialise in the conversion of King Air aircraft for Special Mission roles. These twin-turboprop aircraft are versatile and operationally proven, even in the most demanding conditions, making them an ideal platform for Special Mission capability integration.

Airborne Surveillance and Survey Configuration Options

  • Pressurised and air-conditioned aircraft
  • Long range, multi-mode surveillance radar
  • High Definition EO/IR sensors
  • Real-time, full-motion video
  • Moving Target Identification (MTI) overlays
  • Tactical mission radios
  • SATCOM with real-time Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) and Line of Sight (LOS) capability
  • 2-4 operator workstations with primary mission system integration / cross-queued sensor integration
  • AIS and solid state evidential recorders
  • SIGINT/COMMINT available if required
  • Roll-on roll-off mission systems / VIP carrier / medevac quick conversions
  • Additional configurations include LIDAR, burst illumination radar, hyperspectral and polari-metric imaging

Our customers can choose from a range of capability ownership and leasing options and comprehensive 24/7 through-life maintenance and support plans, as well as opportunities for tactical training.