Our engineering capabilities in the aerospace sector are also applied to the rail industry with the design and manufacture of complex high performance components and assemblies. We already engineer and manufacture emergency detrainment doors for the rail industry rolling stock. Using pioneering infusion techniques for phenolic resin systems, we use our complete engineering capability to produce the entire assembly with mechanisms and attachments fitted and tested ready for integration.

Composites offer many benefits for train operators. Because they are lighter than metallic equivalents, they reduce fuel consumption and running costs. Their resistance to corrosion means they are more durable and through-life maintenance costs are lower. There is no compromise in Safety thanks to the excellent fire, smoke and toxicity prevention properties of the materials.

Examples of these systems are:

Madrid metro – Unfolding side-mounted door providing steps to the trackside.

Oslo metro – Single action front-end plug door with a windscreen providing a platform to the rescue carriage.

Kaohsiung metro – Dual action front-end door providing the option of a platform to a rescue carriage (when operating in plug mode) or a ramp to the trackside (when operating in unfolding mode).


We have also engineered and manufactured a number of other train components including intermediate train ends and driver’s cab panels.

We offer the complete spectrum of engineering services, from concept to delivery, to supply our customers with a light weight, aerodynamic corrosion-resistant structural composite replacements for their legacy metallic structures, allowing them to profit from the reduced whole life operating costs that composites offer train and metro operators worldwide.