Naval Components

Marine Naval Components

Structures for marine and naval applications need to be durable and robust, able to last extended periods of time in a saltwater environment and as difficult as possible to detect on enemy sonar/radar.

Marshall has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of large complex composite structures for both surface ships and submarines that satisfy these criteria. Our composites solutions are:

  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant for increased durability and reduced through-life cost
  • Engineered for 25 years of subsea application in extreme operational environments
  • Suitable for stealth technology integration and have a low acoustic signature or radar cross-section

Over the past 30 years we have worked on a range of different programmes, designing, producing and testing structures and components for marine and naval applications.

Astute Class Submarine Structures

Astute Class Submarine StructureWe produce a number of composite structures for the Royal Navy’s Astute class submarines. Products include rudders, hydroplanes, propulsor ducts, sonar housings and periscope fairings. The use of composites in the production of these items results in strong but lightweight components with minimal acoustic signature through in-built stealth technology. The use of revolutionary process engineering techniques has allowed large sections of the structures to be resin infused in one single process, providing incredible structural integrity and components capable of withstanding their design life cycle of immersion in seawater and underwater explosive shock.

Mk8 Mod 1 Type 45 Gunshield

Mk8 Mod 1 Type 45 GunshieldThe composite Mk8 Mod 1 Type 45 Destroyer gunsheild not only provides significant weight saving over its metallic equivalent but also impressive resistance to impact and the effects of saltwater. The glass fibre vacuum-infused sandwich structure is cured at elevated temperature in one of our large walk-in ovens. The low signature design incorporates stealth radar-absorbing materials and provides protection from wave slap, shock, hail and ice impact and the pressures experienced during operation of the gun.

Surface Ship Torpedo Tubes

Surface Ship Torpedo TubesMarshall has been manufacturing torpedo launch tubes for a variety of lightweight torpedoes since the 1960s, for the Royal Navy and US navy, as well as a number of export navies. The filament-wound main body structure of these tubes incorporates longitudinal stiffeners and metallic inserts to provide the customer with a complete integrated structural solution ready for final system assembly. These tubes provide a lightweight and corrosion-resistant solution which can withstand both the harsh environment in which they are deployed and the launch pressure experienced when firing of the torpedo.