Missile and Weapon Carriers

Missile Weapon Carrier

Composites are a natural choice for missile components. With increased stiffness and durability compared with metallic variants, as well as being corrosion-resistant and lightweight, they provide the ideal material for missile and weapon carriers and components that need to be fired accurately over long distances.

Marshall has significant experience in this field and, having developed our own specialist tools and techniques for the design and manufacture of composite missile components and weapon carrier structures, we occupy a leading position in the market.

All of our missile and weapon structures make use of the most advanced composite manufacturing techniques, ensuring that we produce lighter, stronger and more repeatable components on a cost-efficient basis.

Previous programmes include:

  • Design and manufacture of a four-store missile carrier. The stiff but lightweight carbon fibre solution ensures minimal deflection during missile release.
  • Composite solution for an air-to-ground missile body tube. This has been developed working with our customer’s research and development team. With zero crimp fabrics and prepreg fibre placement, these body tubes are significantly reduced in weight compared with a metallic version, without increasing the unit cost.
  • Development of a resin transfer moulded 3D woven rocket motor casing. This solution has been developed in-house, using internal R&D funding. It incorporates a complex structure into one single piece, significantly reducing manufacture time and completely eliminating assembly costs.