Vision and Values

“I believe our values go to the heart of our company and to the heart of our success, whether it be through our people, our customers or the wider environment” – Alistair McPhee, CEO.

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Integrity and fairness

Viewpoint: Richard Hill, Head of Production

“In my role I come into contact with a large number of people at all levels of the business from the shop floor to the CEO and also our customers. I think that demonstrating integrity and fairness is an essential value for me on a personal level but also for the business as a whole.

I believe that showing integrity means having a set of principles and moral standards – understanding what is the right thing to do and then applying that in my work every day. As an example, I need to be discreet with information, lead by example, deliver on my commitments and be honest in communications with colleagues. Doing these things consistently helps to build trust and respect.

My background is from the shop floor – I joined the company as an apprentice many years ago and would like to think that my progression within Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group has, in part, been down to my integrity and fairness – having respect for other people’s views.

On a company level, maintaining strong partnerships with our existing customers and building relationships with new customers demands that we show integrity and fairness in everything we do. These values will help us establish and maintain long-lasting customer relationships.”

Customer Service

Viewpoint: Shaun O’Dell, MBA Estimating Manager

“Each customer has individual needs and we as a team need to adapt our way of business to suit each customer and not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Many of our customers operate tight schedules, on a tight budget, and quite often using their own money, but spending time talking to our customers also informs us that sometimes things like cleanliness and appearance take priority over all of this, and they are willing to sacrifice an extra day of downtime to clean the carpets, etc.

Within Marshall Business Aviation the key to customer service is communication and flexibility. When a customer contacts us, we need to react instantly. Do we have a slot available, the man power, commercial coverage, planning resource and parts? The whole team need to pull this together in minutes and produce a response to the customer in a format easily understood with these questions answered.

Our customers in many cases only operate one or two aircraft and they know these aircraft better than anyone else. We need to work closely with these customers to ensure we understand the key requirements allowing them to operate their aircraft to the required standard.

We keep in daily contact with our customers informing and updating them of how their inputs are progressing so they do not have any surprises regarding cost or delivery. Our Production Team are often customer facing and representing the Business Unit supporting Aircraft On Ground (AOG) activities. Not only are they competent at delivering a high quality product, but they are also commercially aware understanding contract terms, budgets and delivery commitments.”

People are at the heart of our success

Viewpoint: Charles Hughes, Business Development and Strategy Director

“I am passionate about this value because at Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group we are in the people business. We don’t make widgets; our success is based on being able to deliver first class engineering solutions and those solutions are designed and developed by our own people.

When we provide a service to our customers, they are buying into the collective knowledge and expertise of the organisation and therefore the way that we deal with customers and support them has a very real impact on our business performance. Our reputation depends on our people.

Internally, the influence that we can all have on the success of our organisation is equally clear. This influence takes many forms: challenging assumptions, supporting initiatives that help to develop our people, communicating decisions clearly and explaining the rationale behind them, nurturing strong team identity and pride in everything we do.

Our success as an organisation depends not on a small number of people but on each one of us taking individual responsibility and giving 100% every day.”

Innovation and creativity

Viewpoint: Dave McCubbine, Structural Designer

“Working in a design role, I’m convinced that innovation and creativity are vital attributes to perform effectively.

Our job as designers is to find the most effective solution. Yet there is a danger, although often with good reason, that we can become trapped by historical approaches to solutions. For future success, I believe we need constantly to be innovative and creative in our approaches to novel solutions because these are the areas where we differentiate ourselves in the eyes of the customer.

The increasing use of composites in our industry is one example. I have been working closely with our colleagues in Marshall Advanced Composites to conduct a small number of development projects that can help us stand out from the crowd with innovative materials and techniques enhancing our expertise in this area.

Innovation has also been key in the work we’ve conducted on auxiliary fuel tanks; each generation benefiting from improvements in materials, lower manufacturing time and/or reduced weight. It seems to me that innovation and creativity don’t need to be limited to the more obvious roles and activities in the company. If people have ideas to enable us to do things better, ultimately providing the customer with a better solution or service, then we should stand up and make them heard. Putting innovation and creativity at the heart of what we do will definitely make us a stronger business.”