Corporate Responsibility and Environment

Corporate Responsibility and Environment

CEO statement

At Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group we know that the long-term future of our business depends on maintaining our high standards of integrity and responsibility to our customers, our suppliers, our community and our environment.

We use our flair and creativity to constantly adapt and find imaginative solutions. By always questioning if the job can be done better and more efficiently we take the opportunity to develop products, processes and services which have higher safety standards and reduced environmental impacts.

We achieve all this by making sure that we have the best people in our team by investing in our people today while inspiring the engineers of the future.

Marshall and Ethics

We consider compliance with the many laws and regulations which apply to our business to be the minimum acceptable standard.  We hold ourselves and all those we conduct business with to higher ethical values as expressed in our Code of Business Ethics.

We communicate openly and honestly with our customers, suppliers, colleagues, business partners and all other stakeholders. All our employees receive anti-bribery training so they understand what behaviour is expected of them. We respect the impartiality of governments around the world and do not make any donations to political parties. We have a zero tolerance approach to unethical behaviour, including, but not limited to, fraud, bribery and corruption in any form.

If you have any concerns that our Code of Ethics is being breached and you do not feel able to raise with anyone in Marshall ADG you can contact our independent whistleblowing hotline service operated by Expolink on 0800 374199 or email

Marshall and environment

We recognise that the nature of our business has costs on the environment. We also acknowledge the environmental demands placed upon us by our customers, other stakeholders and the future generation to operate in a way which demonstrates sustainable business. So, a proactive approach to sustainability and environmental management is integral to the way we conduct our business.

Following on Marshall Land Systems’ accreditation to ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management Systems (EMS) in 2011, we are in the process of developing an EMS that is aligned to ISO 14001:2015 standard for the rest of the business. Having a comprehensive EMS will enable us to further manage all the environmental impacts that arise from our business activities and processes as well as to apply effective operational controls to minimise them. In addition, the ISO 14001 EMS framework will helps us to demonstrate how we enhance our environmental performance, fulfil our compliance obligations and achieve our environmental objectives as we strive for continual improvement as an organisation. Within our business, the ‘Design for the Environment’ concept is applied right from the initial stages of project consideration, through to design and development and finally to decommissioning or disposal stage. This is vital as it is at design stage that much can be done to improve a product’s overall environmental performance. This also means that we consider the environmental impacts of our products and services throughout their entire life cycle, from sourcing raw materials to their manufacture and use through to end of their useful life.

We work through our membership of the AeroSpace and Defence (ASD) Industries’ Association of Europe ‘HAZMAT’ Environmental Working Groupto share our learning with others in the industry and identify best practice.

Marshall and Health & Safety

We’re very proud of our approach to improving health and safety at Marshall ADG. Everyone is involved – from directors to welders, aircraft technicians to accountants. We all play an important part in keeping each other, our assets, our reputation and the environment safe from harm.

To make sure that everyone understands their responsibilities, we’ve been running our Safety Matters programme since 2014. This will help us to be an industry leader, where we understand and manage our risks, reward the best behaviours and look out for each other.

In June 2016 we were awarded the RoSPA President’s Award for 14 consecutive years of their Gold standard. This recognises a very high level of occupational health and safety systems and culture, outstanding control of risk and very low levels of error, harm and loss.

Marshall and People

We know that motivated, empowered teams who enjoy what they do will deliver the best service to our customers. So we provide a great working environment for our colleagues with opportunities to enhance their skills, develop their careers and achieve a healthy work / life balance.

It is important to us that we provide an inclusive workplace that respects the diversity of the communities in which we operate. So, all decisions about recruitment, compensation, development and promotion are only on the basis of a person’s ability, experience, work performance and demonstrated potential.

We firmly believe that our future lies in investing in the next generation of talented individuals. We take great pride in our apprenticeship programme which has been equipping young people with confidence, workplace skills and engineering know-how for over 90 years.  Our apprenticeship programme is nationally recognised as being among the best in the country. It  has won many accolades including being awarded 31st position in a list of theTop 100 Employers for School & College Leavers run by  All About School Leavers, an organisation which aims to get school and college leavers into the labour market. AeroAcademy

We can see that all our efforts to create a positive working environment have been successful as over 20 per cent of our workforce has chosen to stay with us for more than 20 years. Our colleagues also have the opportunity to tell us how we are doing through our annual Great Place to WorkTMsurvey.

Our belief in our people has been recognised by Management Today, one of Britain’s leading business magazines, who have placed Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group in the country’s Top 100 Most Admired Companies

Marshall and Community

We have a firm and long-standing commitment to engage with the communities in which we live and work.

Charitable donations are an integral part of our community involvement. We also encourage employees to raise money for the charitable causes that are important to them while at work.

Supporting Education

Investing in future generations is an essential part of our approach to unlocking the potential of our communities. We believe that by inspiring young people to follow a career in engineering we can help secure the future of engineering.

The LaunchPad programme that we established introduces year four children to engineering and gets them involved in hands-on activities and then moves on to practical projects and competitions with older children to expand their knowledge and interest.

Cambridge LaunchPad


Our Health, Safety and Environmental Management Committee is chaired by our Chief Executive. Its remit is to continuously review and maintain the Environmental Management System and ensure the effective performance of our environmental policies and permits. Ultimately, the Committee reports to the Marshall Group of Companies’ Environmental Committee in which the Chairman actively participates.

A safe working environment and sustainability are also identified as key issues within our Group Risk Management Framework. The Group structure provides support, guidance and oversight.

If you have any questions or queries please contact the Marshall ADG Environmental Manager on 01223 373737.

Modern Slavery Policy

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Gender Pay Gap

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