Corporate Responsibility and Environment

Corporate Responsibility and Environment

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group takes its commitment to local communities (and the surrounding environments) very seriously.

Corporate and social responsibility – keeping our feet on the ground

We recognise the direct link between motivated, empowered teams who enjoy what they do and the delivery of great service to our customers. For that reason, we continue to invest heavily in developing our people and living up to our brand values.

We also support employees who actively get involved in community groups including schools, youth groups, sporting clubs and associations, and charities – for example, helping the young, the elderly and the infirm. Many Marshall people are associated with charity work, either as volunteers or fund raisers.

Not least, we’re proud of the contribution we’ve made to the UK’s aerospace technology and development, and of our position as a world-leading independent aerospace company.

The environment – a view from above

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group employees are aware of – and committed to – corporate sustainability and the environmental stewardship of the company as outlined in our Sustainability Policy (available on request).

We have a number of initiatives and steering groups in place, which manage and mitigate the environmental impact of the business. The company also invests in new initiatives to monitor and reduce the company’s environmental impact.

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Management Committee is chaired by our Chief Executive. Its remit is to continuously review and maintain the Environmental Management System and ensure effective performance of our environmental policies and permits.

Ultimately, the Committee reports to the Marshall Group of Companies’ Environmental Committee in which the Chairman actively participates.

Ongoing activities include:

  • A dedicated environmental team to actively monitor the day-to-day running of environmental activities; ensuring regulatory and legislative compliance and minimising pollution by:
    • Controlling emissions to air, land and water
    • Reducing energy consumption
    • Maximising waste recycling
    • Improving employee awareness
  • Maintaining an environmental management system that follows the guiding principles of ISO 14001 standard on our environmental activities and effects
  • Upholding emergency procedures established to respond to and mitigate foreseeable environmental incidents
  • Membership of the AeroSpace and Defence (ASD) Industries’ Association of Europe ‘HAZMAT’ Environmental Working Group
  • Participation in the annual Cambridgeshire ‘Travel for Work’ Partnership travel survey, monitoring our impact on the local transport infrastructure and environment

A number of initiatives are already underway, including:

  • Promoting alternative employee transport
  • Reducing waste through increased recycling
  • Efficiencies in energy consumption

Additionally, an Energy sub-committee has been formed to examine ways of reducing the impact of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group’s energy use on the environment and to ensure that the consumption of energy by the company is efficient and cost effective.

Find out more

If you have any questions or queries about our environmental policy, please contact the Environmental Manager on 01223 373737.